Borrelia surviving in the bone marrow

Recall that the bone marrow is where B lymphocytes are manufactured:


It’s fun.  It is.  You have to admit.  It’s fun when the entire USA and European Medical Establishment in a time when, you know, you can put Lyme flagellar antigen on a nanotube and fish for Lyme-specific or any-old-Borrelia-specific flagellar antibodies in human blood (yes, someone corrected the DARPA nanotube test and reversed it), are just happy to say, “Oh, it’s on you.  Your disease is not our problem.  You are using brain magic and are not a very competent witch at that.”  

Yet all these resources are available, and second year pre-med undergraduate degrees require a year of Organic Chemistry where you learn that 1,2- dimethyl oreo is an orea with 2 methyl groups on it, in the 1 and 2 position.

What is it.  So few ask.  So few wonder.  To me that is the most interesting part of this strange game where 30 million Americans are kicked to the curb because some dumb asses who still relentlessly harass us, nearly daily (McSweegan and rel-risk.blogspot), wanted to capitalize on the new technology of DNA sequencing and the Bayh-Dole Act, where they could own diseases.

And no one is allowed to HAVE their diseases, but we can have their “vaccine.”


J R Army Med Corps. 1985 Jun;131(2):65-7.
Tick borne relapsing fever imported into the United Kingdom.
Simon JW.

“A case of tick borne relapsing fever contracted in Cyprus and imported into England is reported. This is the first report of the diagnosis being established by finding the organism in the bone marrow.”


Oscar Felsenfeld in The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes (1976):

160229_felsenfeld_marrow 001


Please please please, my dear friends, study that ^^ graphic.  Look where Borrelia reliably go.  Lymph Node (where Epstein-Barr also likes to hang out), Bone Marrow, Liver,…  Look hard, look yourselves, because you know for sure no one with “MD” after their names would know how to analyze data.  They went to No-Thinking-Yourself School.  They can’t read, they only repeat Hate-Snark on their victims.  This is the 21st Century, after all.


You will recall from Baumgarth & Barthold, B cell “germinal centers” (lymphocytes, bone marrow?), which is clearly shown here, in Felsensfeld in 1975 to be a an issue with illness signs and outcomes, influences the lack of an immune response in the non-hypersensivity response (arthritis)- prone.

One then suspects other organism(s) harboring in the bone marrow may be a reason for the same immunosuppression seen in ME/CFS.  Lord Save Us, we’ll never see the end of this when so many Kool-Aid addicts with “MD” after their names glom onto the circular reasoning and relentless repeats of the same non-data by Klempner, Wormser, Steere, Auwaerter, McSweegan et al.  As if Lyme is not a disease.  Well, here’s this whole book, the Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes from a 1975 conference (put together by Russell Johnson).

One thinks again of the “Information Age” and how many “doctors” do not know how to use PubMed or even ASK why there is a “controversy” over Lyme and CFIDS/ME.   They just suck that Kool-Aid right down and walk around with classic Doctor Dementia-Rote-Repeats of the same old circle jerk reasoning of IDSA, Yale, ALDF and the CDC:
“Lyme is not a disease.”  
“There was never even an attempt at a vaccine for it, since it is so easy to diagnose and treat.”
“No one can even get any research grants for Lyme because it is not even a disease.”  
“It’s a passing fad or fancy for bored housewives to talk about at cocktail parties.” 
“There is no such thing as Relapsing Fever. All those soldiers during WWII bitten by Ornithodoros ticks in Africa and the Middle East and ended up with ‘chronic poor health’ from ‘neurologic’ relapsing fever were also bored housewives looking for drama…”

We know Rickettsia does (hang out in the bone marrow); you can check that out on your own on PubMed.  Some day I will tell you a funny story about what happened at one of the Lyme Foundation conferences in NYC in the late 1990s where some ALDF-ish Lyme pervert tried to say the cart was pulling the horse on Rickettsia and bone marrow.  [The short version is I just looked at Sam Donta (and he looked up at me) when we heard this, and we both just cracked up.]

More on the immunosuppression or B cell incompetence from Borrelia and OspA alone:

HP Redmond



NIH’s Martin and Marques (<<The NIH’s “Lyme and MS” Division find that OspA-ish lipopropteins shed by borrelia all the time cause humoral immunosuppression with brain inflammation)

CV Harding

AE Medvedev

RS Hotchkiss

Justin Radolf on what else has OspA-sorta in it:

Radolf saying OspA causes immunosuppression:

Paul Duray

Duray, talking about EBV transformed cells in
the CSF of chronic Lyme victims:

Duray, talking about immature immune cells in the CSF of chronic Lyme victims:

Ray Dattwyler, et al (SUNY-SB) (unresponsive)

Benach: Borrelia wreck your brain:

Cadavid: Borrelia wreck your brain:

Gary Wormser on how the OspA vaccines in dogs didn’t work and caused immunosuppression:

Latov on how OspA vaccination caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:

Marks on how LYMErix caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:

Mario Philipp on how Lyme and OspA causes immunosuppression with brain inflammation:
An NIH patent, explaining how Lyme causes LYMErix-disease:

“The invention relates to novel antigens associated with Borrelia burgdorferi which are exported (or shed) in vivo and whose detection is a means of diagnosing Lyme disease. The antigens are extracellular membrane vesicles and other bioproducts including the major extracellular protein antigen. Another object of the invention is to provide antibodies, monoclonal and/or polyclonal, labeled and/or unlabeled, that are raised against the antigens. A further object of the invention is to provide a method of diagnosing Lyme disease by detecting the antigens in a biological sample taken from a host using the antibodies in conventional immunoassay formats. Another object of the invention is to provide kits, for the diagnosis of Lyme disease, comprising the antibodies and ancillary reagents. The advantage of the antibodies used in the invention is that they react with the antigens from geographically diverse strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, but do not react with antigens from related Borrelia spirochetes.”,217,872.PN.&OS=PN/5,217,872&RS=PN/5,217,872


Exhales Deeply.  (Who can we save?  Who can we help?)

Dedicated to Brianna Thompson, recently passed 20-something daughter of another friend of ours…



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