The “Stupid” Evidence

The Stupidological Evidence is that the’s founders, Edward McSweegan and Durland Fish (, did not know spirochetes were their own phylum (are not regular “bacteria”), are relapsing fever organisms, that the nature of the relapse was antigenic variation (vaccines would do no good), and that the McSweegan-Fish gang never even asked what OspA was (fungal, TLR2/1 agonist, causes permanent immunosuppression, never could have been a vaccine). The CDC deployed the stupid and cowardly Allen Steere who went into Rheumatology to avoid VietNam (there are no old ladies who need aspirin among deployed US combat forces), probably because he was known to be too stupid to ask any questions about ticks or spirochetes (1).

What is the simplest way to explain that the ALDF dot com / Yale / CDC Lyme cabal threw out of the Dearborn, “2-tiered” “case definition” the very same disabling, chronic neurologic, “New Great Imitator” disease that was caused by the fungal toxin, Pam3Cys or OspA? They knew OspA vaccination causes neurologic, immunosuppression disease before the Oct 1994 Dearborn, Michigan fake consensus conference ever took place (2).

In order for it to be prosecuted as a criminal case you have to show they knew ahead of time that there was this problem with their “vaccine” choice and that they CHANGED the testing definition after that, such as to leave out the chronic neurologic Lyme definition – the very disease caused by the fungal OspA vaccines. The current case definition only detects the 15% of cases, only the late-, HLA-linked- arthritis cases, no early cases, and then these CDC (vaccine patent holding) criminals say this late manifestation needs no treatment. The truth is that chronic neurologic disease is mainly caused by immunosuppression, reactivated Epstein-Barr and cross tolerance to other infections, or, technically, is post-sepsis syndrome or a kind of a B cell AIDS (3; Occam’s Razor).

In this criminal case, you have to show to the USDOJ that they CHANGED the diagnostic criteria from an older one that allowed more people to be diagnosed (the 1990 CDC version). If the DOJ does not respond, clearly this was a bioweapon accident of some sort. The circumstantial scientific, epidemiological evidence from Plum Island as the original outbreak area says so (4). (Do the Russians know by now? They knew in 2006. The Chinese, a year later. Site stats.)

More on the cancer caused by exposure to antigens from Lyme, like OspA:
“A Mutated B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia subset that recognizes and responds to fungi:”

See Related and Cited-by ^^ on that PubMed site. Yeah, it all makes sense….

1) David France, NYT, Steere, “Scientist at Work”

2) Chronology of the cryme and other references:

3) Occam’s Razor, Great Imitator is Great Detonator of Epstein-Barr et al, and B cell mutations, including disordered rearrangements of HLA programming:

4) Primers Shell Game, Plum Island was near the original outbreak area:


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