SSD says Lyme is incurable; ILADS is lying to you

On Social Security Disability for Lyme by a lady named Danielle

Copied By Kathleen Dickson on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 6:19am

See, apparently the Social Security Administration, who often visits,  knows more about Lyme than the charlatans of who want you to take out second and third mortgages until you are broke and can no long afford their malpractice treatments.


“Hi everyone, I’m not on here much but I have been on disability for 2 full years starting January 2014 for late stage Lyme. I spoke with disability two weeks ago regarding my review that is coming up. She was one of the politest I have talked to from the Social Security department. She reassured me that because lyme was my primary diagnosis I would most likely continue on disability since as far as they’re concerned Lyme disease has no cure. Those were her words exactly. I live in Pennsylvania and she said they will automatically do a review at three years, five years and seven years. As long as I am deemed unable to work by my physicians I will continue on disability. Obviously it is not my intent, after having a 23 year career in physical therapy and as an executive leader in a large hospital, not to return to work, but after battling this illness for years even before I was diagnosed I am physically unable to treat patients or perform my administrative duties as a director. I have late stage chronic Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia. These three diseases have turned my world upside down and I have lost everything, friends, family,even doctors that don’t believe me and think it’s psychiatric in nature. My children and my career were my life. My youngest daughter will graduate next year, I have twins who are 22 finishing college and one daughter who will be 17 in March. I was also told that if my disability continues the student loans that I have accrued for my daughters under parent plus loans will be in forbearance and/or wiped clean, because I have well, let’s just say thousands and thousands of dollars in student loans for my twins that I cannot afford now but could afford when I was working. Hell, I was even able to buy my own home after my divorce on my own salary and able to support all my girls and me. As it is just me and my daughters, I will lose the youngest daughters benefits when she graduates and will no longer be able to keep my home. That will be the nail that seals my coffin. And even though my twins have lived with me through everything, left college to come home to help take care of me and finish their degrees closer to home they were too old to meet the criteria for benefits. So I have struggled to take care of my daughters living at the poverty level when I once was making 6 figures. It is a very humbling experience and one that has changed me forever

The lady that I spoke to about my disability claim reassured me that I will still most likely be able to continue with my disability and if I am able to work even a couple hours a week, I Will retain my benefits. In Pennsylvania, I cannot make more then $1000 a month working outside the home to maintain my benefits. At this point in my life I can rarely get out of bed for more than A couple hours at a time and I have multiple migraines weekly and seizures and am unable to keep my weight at 100 lbs. I am on and off treatment continually and I have no quality-of-life. So in a nutshell to answer your question about Social Security disability, which of course depends on the state and Who reviewed your case and what doctors write letters and what the SSD requests, if you are deemed unable to work by your primary physician or your LLMD there should be no gap in coverage. Once again I stress this is only the information I got from the Social Security department regarding disability which I assume falls under federal guidelines. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me and I will gladly speak with you over the phone to give you more information. Best of luck to all of you and all my prayers so that we may all return to better health, a brighter future and a better quality of life. God bless to you all, Daniele”




18 thoughts on “SSD says Lyme is incurable; ILADS is lying to you

  1. If you’re lucky enough to get a Lyme diagnosis. That in itself isn’t easy with the flawed testing in use now, and we all know about the misdiagnosing AMA types. I honestly think some of them do it on purpose so as not to loose patients to LLMDs! I am on a disability too, delusional according to the AMA types, but chronic Lyme according to a LLMD. Which one the govt believes, I don’t know.


    • Right, the only valid testing is for band 41 (which was made SPECIFIC by Yale; US Patent 5,618,533) and such a scheme should be copied for all the main Borrelia. The NIH even agreed with me when I proposed this on the phone (Fauci’s office, April, 2012).
      Ultimately it does not matter, late neuro Lyme is “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” or more accurately, Post Sepsis Syndrome, and the NIH agrees. They *have* to since this is their own data.


    • Lyme is 100% curable, I’ve been helping people for 5 years now and in the last 3 months we have cured Congenital Lyme Disease in 9 year old boys and also rid them of their Congenital Lyme Induced Autism, completely back to normal in the first small group with 300 more in a larger group that just started a bigger test group with some showing progress in the 2 week buildup using only non-GM?GMO and non-processed foods

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      • Will Wiegman; that is not 100% true at all! I have been ill with it for over 30 yrs and have seen the best and brightest in both the western and eastern medicine practices; and have had the most success with holistic practices and anecdotes; but am merely “maintaining”; neither getting worse nor getting better! It has caused me to have strokes; killed my immune system to name only a few! I have and will always be open to new idea’s; but so far; none have “cured” me; merely spent untold sums of cash for false hope! I have died from it only to be brought back; and with a positive attitude; have made somewhat of an ordinary life for myself!

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  2. My daughter who is now 42 suffers daily with pain and fatigue from Lyme disease and was denied disability 3 times. She has several coinfections too. She lost her job her home and now her parents are helping her and her 2 children because the gov isn’t


    • I know, that happened to me too. Keep trying. The unfortunate thing is that no “LLMDs” know what tests to run to show Disability. Keep trying. Everyone in the family should write personal testimony letters witnessing how disabled the person is, and send to Disability. SIGNED and handwritten.


  3. Full spectrum Cannabis Oil Kills Lyme and co-infections.

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  4. I just had my 3 year review for my SSD and they had a physician of their choosing examine me, a week later I got a letter that stated my benefits would continue indefinitely with periodic reviews. The physician was very sympathatic especially as I was a trauma nurse and I stated I wanted to be able to return to work, she even stated “you’re one tough cookie enduring everything you are going through”. I have late stage neuro Lyme with cardiac issues,likely due to babesia. I’ve asked for a written statement from the physician because my long term insurance company from my work just denied my benefits and stated I was able to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week lifting up to 100lbs. They stated I had ” anxiety issues” and I could return to normal work. When I still have seizures, can’t drive, get lost, get remember anything, I know I’m not in any fit state to return to work.
    But, I think the Govt maybe slowly starting to change some of their ways, I’m hoping anyway!

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  5. Knowing the case number on this particular PA case would help numerous people including myself win benefits as it can be used as supporting case law or documentation to overturn denied claims statewide. If that number can be shared or emailed to me , I’d appreciate it.


  6. I am currently being reviewed by SSD and am scared. Lyme is also my primary diagnoses. However, I stopped treatment because the antibiotics were no longer working. Also, I fired my reasonably priced LLMD because she made too many mistakes. I looked for a new LLMD but couldn’t afford to pay for them. So I won’t be able to get a letter from a Doctor that treats me. Would a letter from my pain Doctor work? I see my Pain Doctor every month. Will the SSD contact my PCP? I did see her last year because of terrible stomach pain and she ordered me to have some ultrasounds done. But that is pretty much it. She doesn’t believe in chronic Lyme, so that is why I had a LLMD. Any other advice you can give me? If I lose my SSD we will lose our home.


  7. My mum been on 2 rounds of antibiotics. It did nothing. Both doxy and ceftin. We are in England. After coming off ceftin, neck still stiff and shaking, anxiety still chronic. Prior to antibiotics, had her on cats claw, knoweet, banderol, vitamins. This helped but did not get rid of it at all. Arrogant doctors did not even spot lyme. Tried to tell her she was insane and all that bullshit. I had to spot it, and they were even in denial then. One idiot recommended 7 days doxy. Obviously as we know now, this just creates more borrellia.

    I should be working have had to spend hundreds of hours reading when these incompetent institutions should be doing their jobs and they do a sweet fuck all.

    Now NICE just updated their bullshit lyme guidelines saying 22 days, 1 antibiotic. If that doesn’t work basically start using immune suppressants. Yeah great idea, let’s induce ALS or MS or any other posh sounding label which makes them sound smart and intelligent but ultimately means they don’t know what the fuck is wrong with someone nor how to cure it. What a bunch of incompetent useless idiots!

    30 days antibiotics lol, I mean useful idiots.

    So now a year later after reading all Will Wiegmans posts about 50 times each, I thought I’d try Amydgalin. Obviously mum worried because of FDA statement saying it is poisonous. (Hmm bit strange. Why would they say something is poisonous when it’s not? perhaps it’s a threat to their money tree).

    Anyway I thought, what they hell have we got to lose except my mum. 1st day 2 nuts. What happened? Anxiety worsened, zig zags in vision. Next day same thing, day after same thing.

    Now 4/5 days on, 2 nuts per day. Shaking neck has disappeared completely, feels better than she has done in over 2 years! No shaking neck even under stress. Vision has become clearer. Weird feelings like something is under the skin has gone.

    You say that some kind of cancer treatment could be the answer in your other posts. Amygdalin is a cancer treatment.

    In some of the studies you have cited it says something along the lines of “it appears the bloodcells do not quite lack the quality to clear the infection”. Will says “Thiocyanate is the only antioxidant that fuels The White Bloods Cells and prevents their self destruction by the ROS they make internally to kill bacteria, process vaccines”

    I think Will could be on to something huge. Fucking bravo Will! Why are we spending trillions of dollars treating the fucking symptoms of thiocynate deficiency!

    Let’s destroy their fucking golden egg!

    Get the word out!

    Great blog by the way. Although I think the immune system is still not understood as well as they think it is.

    I’m sorry you have all suffered so much so far.

    Hopefully this is on to something.

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